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Deimar Gutierrez Danies

Virtual CFO

Empowering success through timely financial insights and enduring partnerships.

About Me

With over 8 years of leadership experience in finance, I specialize in guiding teams across diverse industries towards financial success. My focus includes expanding the operations of foreign-owned startups and developing robust budgetary and financial planning processes.

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Global Financial Management

With over a decade of hands-on experience spanning 15+ countries, my expertise spans Real Estate, Software, and Mining industries.

Startup Success

Over 8 years, I've collaborated closely with startups, including renowned clients like Schon Tepler Group, Hybrid, Emerald, and LMC Corporation, driving their growth and success.

Client-Centric Approach

Serving over 70 clients over the past 2 years, with 90% of revenue coming from long-term contracts, reflects my commitment to building lasting partnerships and delivering consistent value.

Significant Achievements

Facilitating over $300M in underwritten investments for Real Estate multifamily projects across key US markets (AZ, CA, FL, TX), along with supervising project executions valued at $1.3B as a Contract Administrator and Project Cost Controller in the mining sector.

Empowering Solutions

Connect with a suite of personalized financial services, carefully crafted to align with your unique business goals.


  • Tailored CFO guidance
  • Executive Decision Support
  • Financial Strategy Design

& Analytics Modeling

  • Financial Project Modeling
  • In-depth Analytics and Reporting
  • Investment Memorandums and Valuations

Marketing Decks
& Tailored Solutions

  • Custom Financial Reports
  • Persuasive Marketing Decks
  • Analytics-Enhanced Presentations


Explore our expertise through select projects.

Business Plan
& Investment Decks

  • Attract investors with precision-crafted plans and persuasive decks.
  • Delivery Estimate: ~40 Hours.
Collage showcasing marketing decks and investment memoranda samples

Custom Reports
& Dashboards

  • Tailored Reports & Dashboard Drive Informed Decision-Making
  • Delivery Estimate: ~6 Hours (Complexity-dependent)
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Client Testimonials

"I highly recommend Deimar for any role requiring in-depth analysis, machine learning techniques, and presentation skills. Deimar has demonstrated not only his expertise in analyzing data but also his ability to support crafting compelling presentation decks. His versatility in applying machine learning techniques and seamlessly integrating analytical findings into presentations is commendable. Deimar would be a valuable asset to any team or project that requires a strong analytical mindset and the ability to communicate complex information effectively."

Daniel Carceles
Business Services (AU)

"A++++ CFO / Data Analyst. Highly recommend. I've met Deimar several times in person, he's a man of integrity and is exceptionally thorough. Working on multiple other Upwork projects together and plan to work with him for many years to come."

Rich Gorman
Serial Entrepreneur (US)

"Deimar: I want you to know I love working with you; you're always on point and very responsive."

Schon Tepler Partners
Real Estate & Construction (US)

"Outstanding professionalism in financing and very easy to work with. I highly recommend for all financial management projects."

Business Services (Fl)

"Deimar was great, super organized and willing to work with you to get the job done. Thank you!"

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1. What specific financial services do you offer for startups and established businesses?

Our services include financial project modeling, in-depth analytics, CFO coaching, executive decision support, strategic financial planning, and crafting compelling marketing decks.

2. How does your financial expertise empower business growth and success?

With more than 8 years of leading finance teams and managing projects worth billions, I leverage global experience and industry-specific knowledge to drive growth, attract investments, and streamline operations for startups and established companies alike.

3. What industries do you have expertise in, and how does this benefit my business?

I have a diverse background in Real Estate, Software, and Mining, and have worked with clients across 15+ countries. This broad experience allows me to bring a global perspective and tailored financial solutions to your unique industry challenges.

4. Can you describe your pricing structure for financial consulting services?

Pricing varies based on the complexity and scope of your project. I offer flexible rates and would be happy to provide a personalized quote after a preliminary assessment of your business needs.

5. How can I start working with you, and what's the process?

Starting is simple: book an appointment for a consultation to discuss your business objectives. From there, we'll outline a strategy and set project milestones for achieving your financial goals.

6. Can you provide references or examples of your work outputs?

Absolutely. Visit the Showcase section on my site for a collage of marketing decks and financial reports exemplifying the quality of my work. Client satisfaction is paramount, and testimonials are available to illustrate the value partners have gained from my services.

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11816 Inwood Rd #1215, Dallas, TX 75244

+57 317 581 66 60

[email protected]

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Weekdays:9am to 8pm

Saturday:9am to 2pm